Company History
Retail Accounting



Buying Department

  Tom Winkler - President Kermit Greulich - Director of Procurement
Lynn Winkler - Vice President/Treasurer Dave Smith - Private Label Coordinator
  John Winkler - Director of Human Resources Scott Winstead - Buyer
Darlene Wefel - Controller/Credit Manager Chuck Sotzing - Buyer
  Laura Becher - Senior Accountant   Duke Marker - Buyer
June Lovell - Accounts Payable

Mike Garrison - Buyer, In-House Mgmt.

Dee Dee Begle - Accounts Payable Cyndi Lindeman - Buying Secretary
  Beth Klem - Accounts Receivable Rick Irvine - Meat Coordinator
Diane Friedman - Receptionist   Ed Williams - Deli/Bakery Buyer
  Kay Springston - Meat Secretary

Sales Department

Keith Wright - Meat Merchandiser
  Josh Winkler - Director of Sales Albert Schmit - Private Label Merchandiser
Mike Schaaf - Store Set Coordinator


Dave Schickinger - Retail Counselor

 Information Technology

Ed Elpers - Retail Counselor Jay Guth - Director of I.T.
Larry Smith - Retail Counselor Daryl Lovell - Assistant Director of I.T.
Jeff Anderson - Retail Counselor Ryan Gasaway - Project Leader
  Ken Mayfield - Retail Counselor Lucy Wilder - Information Operator
  Mark Richards - Retail Counselor Debra Roos - Information Operator
Bob Whitehead - Retail Counselor Rhonda Vaal - Information Operator
  Debbie Greulich - Customer Care Assistant




Advertising Department

Phil Fischer - Director of Warehousing
  Pat Schickinger - Director of Advertising Gary Spurlock - Receiving Supervisor 
  Angie Mullis - ShopWorth Layout Specialist Jeff Buse - Shipping Supervisor
  Rachel Weyer - ValuMart Layout Specialist Bev Dauby - Receiving Secretary
  Joann Elpers - Re-coup/Hired Load 


Jake Fischer - Director of Transportation

Retail Accounting

Randy Mundy - Dispatcher Jeff Hagemeyer - Retail Accountant
Sandy Spurlock - Transportation Secretary

All employees can be reached at our main office number 812-937-4421.

The Meat Department can be reached directly at 800-559-3550.

The Advertising Department can be reached directly at 812-937-3555 or 866-753-2611.

To schedule deliveries, please call the receiving office directly at 812-937-3550.